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Video marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing. Now, it is used as the core of marketing campaigns in almost every industry. Thus, leveraging the immense potential of video marketing, brands have started curating corporate videos to upscale their professional content creation. According to Wyzowl, video marketers ranging from 87% to 96% reported that video marketing has helped them increase sales and brand awareness, generate leads, drive maximum traffic, and get a higher ROI.

The best way to showcase your brand’s vision, products, and services is through creating corporate videos. In the business world, a professionally well-crafted corporate video is the most compelling way to share your brand story.

Corporate videos are your doorway to meaningful connections with your audience and other businesses, immense business growth, and long-lasting impressions.

For instance, let’s take the example of a renowned food delivery brand, Zomato. It is a famous app used to browse restaurants and order food.

Zomato curated corporate videos showcasing its restaurant and delivery partners, the plethora of cuisines, and the dining experiences it offers through the app.

So, to grab the opportunity of successful video marketing efficiently, you can work with a leading corporate video production company in India named Vidzy. It can convert your vision into a fascinating reality and enhance lead generation and sales conversion.

In the next part of the blog, we’ll explore the dominance of Vidzy as an ideal corporate video production agency and how it can help you drive mind-blowing results using the best corporate video production service.

Partnering With The Master Of Corporate Video Production House

When we talk about the best corporate video production house in India, Vidzy is positioned to be at the top of the list.

Vidzy has garnered the title of the best corporate video production company in India because of its unparalleled expertise and experience in corporate video production.

They offer a versatile approach to video production, considering the varied corporate demands.

Here are some reasons why Vidzy justifies being one of the best corporate video production companies in India:

Significant Years Of Experience

Vidzy has over 7+ Years of experience and technical expertise in providing the best corporate video production Services in India. It has a team of professional experts with the proficiency to simplify complex concepts through their videos.

With their high-quality brand videos, they have leveraged many renowned brands like Paytm, Zomato, Amazon, Puma, Yamaha etc., to work with them.

Customised Services Based On Client Requisites

In social media, authenticity is the key metric of engagement and views. People like to share more brand content that is innovative, organic, and engaging. Therefore, Vidzy offers tailored corporate video production services that fulfil the brand’s goals and requirements.

Vidzy is an expert in compelling short as well as long-form videos that are creative, engaging, informative, and budget-friendly.

Advanced Technology And Equipment

Being the best corporate video production company in India, Vidzy possesses high-quality resources, including cameras, lighting, and green rooms or studios through which they create magical visual content.

With their latest technology and advanced software, Vidzy creates several types of corporate videos, such as event videos, conference videos, video presentations, animation or motion graphics videos, etc.

End-To-End Production Services

From research and trend-based strategy to execution and analysis of your corporate video marketing campaign, Vidzy will be there with you in every step. Vidzy is the one-stop solution for all your video marketing needs for your brand.

Vidzy has a team of experts who offer affordable yet versatile corporate video production services like conceptualising, scripting, recording, editing, and marketing the produced videos.

Apart from pre-production to post-production, Vidzy also handles all the legal matters associated with campaign marketing.

Prominent Client Base

Vidzy has been in video production for quite some time now; therefore, it has a strong network of collaborative clients. Vidzy’s portfolio is proof of its excellent track record in corporate as well as other niche industries.

With its customer-oriented approach, the team provides over-the-top results that exceed the brand’s expectations. Vidzy has worked with renowned brands, to name a few; it includes One Plus, MamaEarth, Amazon, OYO, MakeMyTrip, and so on.

Now, let’s explore the various types of corporate video production services offered by the best corporate video production company in India.

Types Of Corporate Videos Offered by Leading Production Agency

There are several types of corporate videos offered by a leading corporate video production company in India, some of which are mentioned below:

Promotional Videos

These types of corporate videos are curated to promote or market specific products and services or to share any initiative the brand takes. These are effective for promoting any marketing campaign.

Vidzy has significant experience in curating promotional videos. It works with seasoned social media influencers and provides well-crafted, desired-length videos that are tailor-made for the brand.

The corporate video agency has made product promotional videos for many renowned brands, like Nescafe, Epigamia, and Sleepy Owl.

In-House Interaction And Training Videos

In-house interaction and training videos are educational how-to videos that can be curated to help employees and customers.

These videos are the most effective way to share or deliver any information meant for employees or targeting potential clients.

Organisational training videos are helpful in health and safety training, upskilling employees, or the cost-effective onboarding process. These videos can also help your consumers solve their problems with effective solutions related to products or services.

Vidzy, the corporate video maker, can curate internal training videos for your brand and create introductory videos for your LinkedIn audience.

These videos will help you present your brand work in front of investors and stakeholders in a creative way.

Corporate Events Videos

There is an array of corporate events, such as annual events, conferences, product launches, theme parties, etc. These are the crucial events to seek the attention of important investors, stakeholders, and clients by curating corporate events videos where you can highlight your brand’s long-term vision, work culture, and potential.

The corporate video production house Vidzy has expertise in crafting high-quality versatile videos showcasing the authenticity and versatility of your brand.

Vidzy captures behind-the-scenes of the events plus how your brand works to keep curiosity alive among the viewers and enhance engagement.

Corporate Animated Videos

Animation and motion graphic videos are the most engaging content, which has proven to boost a company’s conversion rates by 80% by including an animated video on the landing page.

Corporate animated videos can effectively capture and share information about your brand. These videos are visually appealing and thus captivate viewers’ attention, persuading them to purchase.

Vidzy has all the necessary resources, such as professional cameras, lighting, advanced green rooms, mics and a corporate video production studio, to make illustrations, 2D & 3D motion graphics, and visual effects in the most engaging and compelling animation videos.

Influencer-Based Videos

Brands leverage influencers to create corporate videos such as unboxing videos, product reviews, tutorials, and many more. These videos are similar to promotional videos and work by enhancing engagement and brand awareness in the best possible way.

These influencers make videos in the form of featured videos, live streaming, or vlogging, where they share their opinions and experiences regarding the product.

Vidzy, being the best corporate video production house, has a network of influencers working with them on brand deals. Vidzy, select the best niche-specific influencer you are planning to work with in order to expand your brand’s reach, and you can focus on the specific audience group you want to target.


With Vidzy, you can redefine your brand’s marketing goals and achieve them in no time. It has a group of seasoned influencers, customised corporate video production services, significant expertise, advanced tools and technology curating the best corporate video production with affordable pricing.

So, why wait? Contact Vidzy today!