Happiness: The Goal

Money can buy happiness in a sense, but only for a limited time! Let me explain. You see, money must be combined with the consciousness that knows how to use the money to benefit the person with the money. Money or anything else, just possessed for its own sake does not work, and even creates sadness by not being used productively. Indeed, real winning comes from using things right and being genuinely productive in every way that genuinely counts. When I think of happiness and productivity, there is a shocker: I think of Ebenezer Scrooge, before and after the ghosts visited him in Charles Dickens story “A Christmas Carol”. Sure, we can all hoard up wealth, but if we do not ultimately enjoy it or use it productively, what is it worth really? Nothing. This is why I always like to say that we must come to the realization that wealth for the sake of “just having wealth” is not wealth. Using it productively, realistically and with expansion qualities is close to genuine wealth, but still not quite there. Being of genuine service and enjoying what you do genuinely in every way and creating a great living at it is … Continue reading Happiness: The Goal