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What Is a Sofa Sleeper Couch A sofa sleeper couch is a multifunctional piece of furniture that turns into a sleeping area for guests These couches are different from futons because they include a mattress that is integrated into the frame of the sofa Before buying a sofa bed consider how you will use it The type of mattress you choose is also important Size If you want to add additional seating and sleeping space in your home but dont want the money to create a separate room for your bed a sofa sleeper couch is a great choice These couches often known as pullout sofas are generally designed to look like traditional couches and are available in a wide range of sizes ranging from twin to King They are comfortable and easy to use They look fantastic in any room for seating and can be easily transformed into beds for guests Consider the size of your guests and how you plan to use the sleeper sofa prior to you buy one If you have small children it is possible to consider a twinsized sofa sleeper that converts into two separate sleeping areas If youre expecting bigger guests you may want to consider a queensized sofa sleeper Some sleeper sofas feature trundle beds which can be attached for those who require more sleeping space No matter what size you pick search for a sleeper sofa that will fit well into your decor and matches furniture you have in the room They are available in a range of styles and colors Add a few throw pillows on top to create an interesting accent If you plan to shop online be sure to read reviews and see the sofa in person prior to making the purchase You can lie on the mattress while it is folded and test it The majority of sofa sleepers are designed to hide the mattress within the frame of the sofa so the discreet design makes it easy to convert it into a bed Theyre also made to ensure that the hidden feature isnt obvious to family and guests who visit during the duration of the day The design will help you keep a clean stylish appearance in your home and impress your guests with your hospitality If youre in the market for a new sofa sleeper watch for sales during the holidays as this is when you are most likely to find the best deals You can find these items on sale at stores like Wayfair and Overstock all through the year Style A sofa sleeper couch is a great option to host guests staying overnight without sacrificing your living space You can choose from a variety of frames and mattress types to find the style that is best suited to your needs To ensure that your sleeper sofa will last search for one with solid frames composed of kilndried woods or furnituregrade plywood The mattress should be constructed of a sturdy material like steel or spring wood Memory foam is a great choice because it provides pressure point relief and feels cooler than innerspring mattresses Other good choices include gel memory polyurethane and latex Latex has a lively feel and is also ecofriendly Fabric is an important factor when it comes to choosing the right sleeper sofa Choose a fabric which reflects your personal style and is a good match for the rest of your decor If youre going for an oldfashioned or country style opt for a sofa that is neutral colors and natural materials If you have pets or children select fabrics that are easy to clean and resistant to spills If youre in the market for a pullout sofa you should test it by sitting on the couch and pulling the bar or handle to raise the mattress The more simple the pullout mechanism is the more comfortable You do not want to strain your back Some models have an easy lock button to let the bed out and others have an electric mechanism for faster opening You can pick a hybrid mattress like airover coil which is an inflatable layer that is placed on top of a layer or coils If you dont want to purchase a huge pullout sofa there are smaller twin and queen sleeper couches that can fit in most rooms You can find a trundle sofa bed that lets you add an additional mattress beneath the one you have being used Apart from sleeping sofa sleeper couches also provide cozy seating and decorative pillows that will make your guest room feel like a cozy place to relax The combination of sleeping and seating space is ideal for homes without a separate guest room or who want to maximize their floor space Comfort If you are planning to use a sofasleeper sofa as a regular piece of furniture in your living space it should offer comfortable sitting and comfort to sleep It is essential to choose a sofa with seat cushions that are comfortable enough to sit on for extended periods of time and effortlessly convert into a mattress for a good nights rest The type and amount of filling inside the seat cushion will influence how firm or soft it feels so you may want to experiment with a couple of sofa beds before making your final purchase The size of the mattress will determine the amount of space the sofa bed will take up when its open There are models with fullsized or twinsized beds and sofa sleepers that have queensized mattresses If you decide to purchase a queensized mattress look for one that has an open cover that makes cleaning simpler and to make sure that the sheets you select will fit correctly Pullout couch sleepers typically have a mattress that easily folds out from underneath the cushions of the seat and some come with locks to keep the mattress in position These sleeper sofas can be easily operated but they require more floor space Mattressless sofa beds require the cushions of the couch to act as the sleeping surface which is why they are less comfortable for guests than a sofa bed with an individual mattress If you decide to purchase a sofa in this type make sure you test it in person prior to making your final purchase If best couches decide to go with traditional pullouts or a mattressfree sofa its important to look at the frame and construction of the sofa in addition to the quality of the mattress The frame should be wellconstructed and strong and the mattress must be hefty and comfortable to sleep on A mattress that is too thin or rigid will make it difficult to sleep comfortably A mattress that is too stiff can make you uncomfortable sleeping Mattress Many people use the terms sleeper sofa and sofa bed sofa interchangeably there are important differences between these types of furniture The majority of sofa beds resemble futons which means that they can lie flat and then transform into a couch however they dont come with the traditional mattress Sleeper sofas on other hand have an inbuilt mattress that can be easily folded or unfolded when needed Select carefully the kind of mattress that is included with your sleeper couch It could make a huge difference in how comfortable it is Fortunately there are many choices for mattresses including innerspring memory foam and gel so you can find one that fits your individual preferences You should also consider how often you intend to use the sofa as to make a bed Some sofa beds are designed for occasional use whereas others are designed to be used daily or every night If you intend to make your sofa a sleeping area every day a trundle or a sectional sofa with a fold out mattress may be a better choice over a traditional sleeper sofa The most wellknown options for a sofasleeper sofa are queen and twinsized beds These sleepers are among the smallest which makes them perfect for smaller apartments and rooms However they can be bulky and take up more space than other kinds of convertible couches A sleeper sofa that is large in size is ideal for larger homes since it provides more sleeping space Its a good option for guest bedrooms and living rooms with plenty of floor space If you are planning to make your sofa an occasional bed on a regular basis choose a highend sleeper sofa with a frame that is able to endure heavy usage Most sofas with beds that can be pulled out are constructed of wood or metal frames that can support the weight of a typical body when extended If youre seeking a sofa that can convert into bed at a reasonable cost keep an eye out for sales around holidays You can find great discounts on convertible sofas and beds during these times as retailers have to compete to grab your attention

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