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CSGO Weapon Case Guide A csgo gun case is an assortment of gloves knives and weapons for CounterStrike Global Offensive Each case can have one or more skins and the top ones can fetch a large amount of money The first weapon cases were introduced in CSGO in 2013 following the Arms Deal Update Players have a chance to receive them in the form of drops after they have completed matches on servers that are secured by VAC You can also purchase them from the Steam Market eSports Winter Case 2013 The eSports Winter Case was added to CSGO on December 18 2013 as part of the Winter Offensive Update The crate comes with 12 Valvedesigned gun and knife skins It is available for purchase on the Steam marketplace or through other external retailers A portion of the earnings from every key purchased will go to the CSGO community for professional tournament prize pools The CSGO weapon cases are specially designed containers that can be opened to reveal new weapon knife and glove skins Players can earn these cases by playing and ranking up and can buy cases on the Steam Community Market or at external vendors Each case has a chance possibility of containing a StatTrak item which adds an kill counter to the weapon or knife There has been a resurgence in opening cases with many players trying their luck at making a huge profit by obtaining a costly skin But are the cases worth the effort In this article well look at some of the cases and crates that are available in CSGO to determine whether theyre worth the investment If you had bought all the skins included in the eSports 2013 Winter Case back in early 2014 and then sell them you would have made approximately 178 This is a substantial amount of money but it doesnt seem to be a lot in this day and age Since then the value of these skins has decreased and will continue to decrease even if they arent popular within the community Despite this the eSports 2013 Winter Case is still one of the most popular weapon cases in the CSGO Its popularity is due to the fact that it contains several popular weapon skins such as the AWP and Redline Its popularity has also grown because of its price which is less expensive than other weapon cases The eSports Winter Case may not be as wellknown as the other CSGO weapon cases however it still is a good bet for having rare skins It is a good option for those who want to invest in and earn money Huntsman Weapon Case CSGO cases are an important element of the game providing rare and soughtafter skins for weapons The cases can be opened randomly following matches in official game modes such as Casual and Deathmatch or on community servers However some of the best cases can be costly and require a lot of luck to get There are websites that can help players determine which cases are worth opening The Huntsman Case is one of the most soughtafter weapon cases It contains a variety skins for weapon that can be used to improve weapons The case was launched in May 2014 and has several striking designs It also comes with the legendary Caiman Pistol The pistols central color and outstanding design makes it one of the most soughtafter guns in the game The Huntsman Case which is one of the most expensive CSGO Cases with a low chance of dropping the highly soughtafter Caiman pistol Its available for a price range between 36 and 91 depending on whether its StatTrak enabled or not If youre lucky enough to get the Huntsman Case you can also find a special skin for the CSGO knife called Damascus Steel This knife is made of two types of carbon steel and is painted in the patina style The base color is white and has been coated with darker shades The knife is a Covert rarity and comes in Factory New with a white tint as well as Minimal Wear with darker tint FieldTested with scratches WellWorn BattleScarred and WellWorn variants The Huntsman Weapon Case which is followed by Operation Bravo and Spectrum is the second best case for CSGO to open Its contents include a range of unique weapon finishes and gloves making it an excellent option for those who like a more stylized look However its price tag is higher than other skins for cases making it less desirable to a lot of players But cs2 cases s a popular choice for those looking to play CSGOs coveted cases Operation Bravo Case The smooth gameplay of CSGO and the an active esports scene are wellknown however the game has a currency in the game that is worth billions The economy is mostly controlled by cases crates and cases that players open to earn valuable weapon skins and other items But how much will the cost of a CSGO case and should you open one The Operation Bravo Case has the most expensive price in CSGO The case was launched in September 2013 and includes weapons skins designed by Valve The case is available to anyone who has a valid CSGO key but those with the Operation Bravo pass have a greater chance of receiving it as a drop The Operation Bravo Case also contains other rare items The AK47 Legion of Anuis and the M4A4 Tooth Fairy are two of the most prestigious weapons in the crate Theres also a specific glove thats only available in this particular case and are called the Specialist Gloves Tiger Strike The gloves are highly soughtafter and can be purchased on Steam for thousands of dollars Another unique item in the Operation Bravo Case is the grenade which has been decorated with a polygonal pattern hydrographic This is an excellent option for collectors looking to add some color to their collection The grenade is available in both sniper and smoke variations making it a versatile option for anyone Another item worth mentioning is the savage Gut Knife which was available in this case in 2013 This knife is among the most wellknown skins available for the game and is used by a number of professional players The weapon is available in both two colors a blue and a red version however the red Gut Knife is more soughtafter due to its savage appearance The Gut Knife has a high cost of about 350 but it can be purchased at less on the Steam marketplace Prime Case The Prime Case is a weapon case available to players with the CSGO Prime Status Upgrade The Prime Case is a limitedtime case with a distinctive skin and a oneofakind knife that is the Karambit Case Hardened The knife is the most expensive CSGO blade netting the amount of 50 per case The CSGO community is divided on whether the Case Hardened Karambit knife is worth its price Prime cases are usually introduced when the new Operation is launched Unlike regular weapon cases Prime cases are not available to all players and are only available through the operation pass or through thirdparty markets Prime cases also have an increased chance of dropping rare weapons like the SMG3 Storm or the AWP Medic Prime cases can be opened by using the use of a Key that can be purchased through the CSGO store or through the Steam Market Weapon cases can be classified as Prime rare rare or discontinued The older cases will move to the rare category as they age and are no longer in the main rotation They may still be open however they arent likely to be opened as frequently as the more recent cases There hasnt been a consistent release date for the CSGO weapon cases Some cases are released regularly while others only occasionally When a case is discontinued and moved to the category of rare cases where it can be sold at a premium price These include the Recoil Revolution Dreams Nightmares and Snakebite cases They include the Revolution and Recoil cases as well as Dreams Nightmares and Snakebite Players who dont have Prime Status can purchase these cases from the Steam Community Market or through trading In the past Operation drops included skins as well as cases for weapons and graffiti The Operation Bravo case as along with the cases from Operations Shattered Web Riptide and Broken Fang were removed at the end their duration These cases are now part of the Rare Drop Pool and are no longer available to players who arent Prime members

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