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Car Keys Locked in Car Heres How to Get Back in Without Calling a Locksmith No one ever wants to be locked out of their car However it can happen to the most careful drivers Luckily there are a few easy ways to get in your car without calling roadside assistance or the dealership Lets look at a few Utilizing your shoelaces or a coat hanger made of wire 1 Call 911 Its not uncommon to lock your keys inside the car on the way to or from work or even on an easy trip to a nearby store From a simple lack of awareness to broken locks its common for us all to commit this error at some point Luckily the issue is usually simple to fix Although its normal to be anxious in these situations its important not to let your emotions take over Panic can lead to rash actions that could make the situation worse Before doing anything rash its important to take a deep breath and check every one of the windows and doors of your vehicle If you dont have a spare car key at home or a friend to bring it to you there are other ways to get into your vehicle without damaging your vehicle A lot of roadside assistance companies such as AAA provide a service to help you unlock your vehicle if youve locked the keys inside They have specialized tools and kits to do this and theyre available 247 However they can often take a long time to arrive and youll have to pay for a fee according to your membership level You can also try using objects that you have in your home such as the shoestring that has an untied slip knot that you can thread through the door to pull up the post lock or a coat hanger made of wire through one of the window frames to open the lock These tactics can break parts of the doors and are not always effective If youre unable to gain access to your vehicle and dont want to wait to be helped by an expert or if youre worried about someone being injured calling 911 is a great alternative A police officer will be sent to assist you In most cases they will unlock your vehicle or at the very least call a towtruck which will show up on your bill If the car is older the police may require recoding it and this will cost you extra 2 Contact Roadside Assistance A car lockout can be a frustrating and inconvenient situation that leaves you feeling helpless To avoid such a mishap put an extra key in your purse or wallet or put it under the floor of the car or leave a friend with a spare key that you can leave at their house In the event of a crisis you can also use a tool When youre stuck in a vehicle the first thing to do is examine the situation to determine if your keys are locked inside Then take several deep breaths and look around to check if the doors are open or you can access them from outside the vehicle If not you can call roadside assistance You can find roadside assistance as an optional benefit with many auto insurance providers It might be available through other service providers like auto clubs or credit cards The program usually has professionals who can unlock your car using various strategies and tools A specialist can reset the key fob of your modern keyless car to get you on your way If you dont have such a program you can still call your local police department to get help However it is best to do this only in emergency situations such as if you have pets or children trapped in the car not because you locked your keys inside the car It is important to know that 911 lines are only for emergencies If you call 911 to report that you have locked your keys inside your car it could take some time before a professional arrives Be sure to find out the cost of roadside assistance prior to you make a call You may be entitled to a free lockout every year depending on the membership you have You may also have to pay out from your pocket Find out if your roadside assistance company has locksmiths on staff This could be an alternative way to get your keys back 3 Contact a locksmith Its among the most stressful and traumatic situations when you find yourself locked out of your vehicle especially if youre trying to get to a place However even when all hope seems lost there are a few tried and tested ways to gain access back to your vehicle without calling a locksmith The first step is to look at the other doors of your vehicle to see if they are unlocked Although you might think this is obvious its often neglected when people are in a rush Asking your family or friends if they can allow you to access your car with an extra key is another possibility If this is not an option try to find a different way to open the trunk It is more difficult and youll need to use a specific tool or trick to bypass the locking mechanism Youll need to study the process for your specific make and model If none of these solutions work you need to seek out a professional locksmith A reliable NYC auto locksmith should be able get you back in your vehicle quickly securely and without causing damage to the lock G28CarKeys will have the tools and expertise to break even the most secure locks and provide an alternative key for you in the future Roadside assistance providers like AAA can also be helpful in this situation Be aware that theyll charge you for their services Fortunately the majority of AAA members get one free lockout per year depending on their membership level If you are a member of AAA they will send a locksmith out to your location They usually can get you back into your vehicle within an hour They can also help with other roadside issues such as tire maintenance and fuel delivery If you do not have an AAA membership you can call the local locksmith however it will cost you Do your research prior to choosing the locksmith you want to use 4 Try an athome solution It can be a scary feeling to realize youve locked your keys to your car in the car It is important to remain calm assess the situation and decide the next steps Get a locksmith in touch instead of attempting to fix the issue yourself You could cause further damage to your vehicle or incur an additional bill There are several ways to remove your car keys without having to call an expert These methods involve using items you probably already have at home First make sure that the trunk isnt locked Some modern vehicles have special security features that block the trunk from opening Check the owners manual or contact Longo Toyota to find out if your vehicle has this feature Another option is a shoelace This trick is only compatible with cars that have postlocks which are those locks that extend straight out of the door frame This trick only works in the event that the lock isnt compromised so its recommended to test this on a newer car thats less likely have been stolen Its the last resort to break a car window However it should only be used in a crisis situation when there is a child or pet in the vehicle Its also important to remember that breaking a window will likely need replacement of the glass which can be expensive Its nearly impossible to keep your keys to your car locked in the car but there are ways to decrease the chance of this occurring Make sure to keep a spare key you keep in a secure place or give to an individual you trust Find out if your insurance or roadside assistance policy includes unlocking services This could save you time and money in the event that you lock your keys in the car again

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