Made of a mixture of aggregated stones with Aquastone® resin gravel, it is used in the paving of parks, sidewalks, paths, patios and patios, and are an excellent way to enhance the look of your outdoor space.

Flexible and crack resistant, high-performance binders are used to compact cold mixed aggregate in place.

People are using this continuous outdoor flooring in all kinds of outdoor spaces. It is often used to create patios, walkways and other garden features, and it has the ability to make any type of outdoor space much more attractive.

Given the infiltration capacity of water and air that it has in its surface layer of wear, it provides comfort and functionality in all spaces that need to be used without waterproofing, protects the soil, is ecological, does not interrupt the natural cycle of water, prevents its accumulation at the surface and flooding.

Mineral aggregates

With Aquastone® permeable aggregates, you can build a complete continuous floor in a noble material such as stone in various minerals such as limestone, marble, dolomite, granite or sandstone and can be found in different colors and shades, such as black, brown or white, pink, gray, etc.

No thermal expansion joints given its flexibility it accepts small yields without breaking, resistant to solar radiation, reduces noise, is non-slip, and does not produce slippery areas.

Also produced in sand, pebble, silica, pebble and others, it obtains extremely natural surfaces.

Paving stones and slabs are also an excellent way to enhance the look of your outdoor space, whether on the front driveway or driveway, if used interlocking with spaces between them in permeable joints of porous materials that allow for rapid infiltration of water, otherwise it will result in the waterproofing of the area and the possibility of accumulation of water masses on the surface.

Light aggregates

The benefits of using lightweight aggregates include the fact that they are normal and more environmentally friendly.* Lightweight aggregates are not suitable for all applications, so it is important to find out if your job requires this type of material.

Many materials have been used in the construction of the pavement. However, lightweight aggregates remain an option for sites.

Materials such as expanded clay or Leca, SBR and EPDM rubber granules, are used for their flexibility and are often the best choice because of their versatility, you can create many different shapes and patterns, with smooth transitions between surfaces, which creates more visual interest in an outdoor space.

A variety of lightweight aggregates are also used in commercial applications and work well in a variety of uses such as safety flooring, sports, children’s playgrounds and in all areas where physical activity is possible.

They can be used as a coating on existing surfaces, placed on a base to create a new surface or used as loose materials in honeycomb confinement grids.

There are many applications of these floors in mineral aggregates, they have a high permeability tax, it can be used from the outset in the urban construction of parks and car parking spaces, it is considered for the purposes of permeable construction quota. similar to the installation of grass or garden, which allows the developer to have a larger building area.

Any of these materials can be ordered directly from Acorus Permeable Systems. It has export services that will provide the necessary products and materials for professionals, including distance and face-to-face training.